Restorative Arts Dental Lab, Charleston, SC

Restorative Arts Dental Lab in Charleston, South Carolina

Rachel Clark
Restorative Arts Dental Lab
33-B Gamecock Ave.,
Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 571-6656

Rachel Clark, the office manager and implant coordinator at Restorative Arts Dental Lab in Charleston, knows perhaps more about what goes on than anyone else in the building. Since the age of 18, Clark has been deftly coordinating the lab’s everyday operations.

“I oversee everything, from the billing to the individual cases, and my education has all been hands-on experience for the most part. I’ve had to teach myself new things,” she said.

Restorative Arts is the place your dentist calls when you need a crown, partial, denture or bridge.

“When your dentist makes an impression of your mouth, it comes to us,” said Clark. “Restorative Arts is one of only 500 labs in the United States with Certified Dental Laboratories.”

“Making teeth has gotten more complicated over the years,” piped up Tinker Guillet, one of the lab’s certified dental technicians. “Everyone wants beautiful, perfect teeth. And now, we have the tools and materials to accomplish this.”

Both Clark and Guillet agreed that without each other and an entire team of professionals at Restorative Arts, these “miniature sculptures” could not exist.

“It takes a whole team,” admitted Clark. “When you see what it takes to make one little tooth – the software, cameras and people behind it all – it’s amazing.”

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