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Most people know that there are significant health benefits to regular dental visits, but many fail to keep up with their semiannual preventive care appointments. Why? Lack of time and fear of the dentist are two major reasons.

The team at Pleasant Family Dentistry acknowledges these concerns and strives to alleviate them to give their patients the best dental experience possible.

“Our office is open nights and Saturdays to accommodate even the busiest of our patients’ schedules. We want to be available when it is most convenient for them,” Dr. Greg Johnson explained. “And we know that a large percentage of the population fears the dentist, so we offer a complimentary comfort menu with items such as warm blankets, massage chairs and hand moisturizing treatments to make our patients comfortable and relaxed.”

All the dentists at Pleasant Family Dentistry emphasize the benefits of regular dental visits and that taking a proactive approach to oral health can prevent many future issues.

Routine dental visits should begin as early as 2 to 3 years old. A dentist can identify possible congenital issues and begin preventive care at this time. Around age 6, the dentist can identify orthodontic issues and provide guidance concerning a child’s oral care habits.

“It is important that parents monitor the time their children spend brushing and flossing and make sure they are eating a healthy diet with minimal processed sugars and acidic foods that damage the enamel,” Dr. Johnson said.

As individuals continue to age, they usually face dental issues such as declining gum health.

“Many periodontal problems are preventable,” explained Dr. Richard Jackowski, who added that it is necessary to have plaque and calculus removed at least every six months since brushing and flossing alone aren’t enough to maintain optimal oral health.

“Seeing the hygienist for polishing and plaque removal, occasional sealants and X-rays to detect cavities or bone loss are all routine procedures that benefit patients throughout their lifetime,” Dr. Jackowski continued.

“Dentistry starts with good oral hygiene, a good diet and good habits from a young age,” Dr. Lauren Callison pointed out.

Pleasant Family Dentistry incorporates the latest in dental technology to make sure its patients are getting the best out of each checkup.

“Digital X-rays use only a fraction of radiation that old film radiographs used, and their diagnostic quality is superb,” explained Dr. Johnson. “We also have cone beam technology that can take 3D pictures of our patients’ anatomy. Crowns and bridges can be done in one visit with CEREC technology, which saves patients time and travel.”

For patients who fear the dentist’s office, Pleasant Family Dentistry offers both IV and oral sedation in addition to laughing gas to make the visit easier.

“Routine checkups are important,” Dr. Johnson concluded. “Any oral disease is more easily treated if it is caught early. Patients run the possibility of pain and losing teeth if they do not have regular dental care. Most dental disease is not painful until it gets to a point where permanent damage is done.”

by Stacey Domingo

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