Mount Pleasant, SC Orthodontics

An Orthodontist is a specialist in the dentistry field that is capable of straightening crooked teeth or misaligned jaws. The most common practice among Mount Pleasant's Orthodontists is providing braces or newer products, like Invisalign, for both children and adults.

Garrett Orthodontics
Smiling and laughing are the two biggest ways we express happiness to our family and friends, and so not wanting to smile or show your teeth is a big deal,” said Dr. Justin Garrett of Garrett Orthodontics in Mount Pleasant...
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Kelly Orthodontics
Dr. James E. Kelley of Kelley Orthodontics in Mount Pleasant has known what he wanted to do since the age of 9. You might say it’s in his genes: both his father and sister pursued dentistry, too...
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Nash Orthodontics
It should be no surprise that orthodontist Dr. Travis Nash had braces, as did his three children and his wife. A family full of great smiles is just one of the perks of the job...
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Garrett Smiles Orthodontics, Mt Pleasant, SC
At Garrett Smiles Orthodontics, creating the perfect smile for each patient is an art form. There’s an art to orthodontics that most people don’t realize; that’s the part I get excited about. With an office in Mount Pleasant and...
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Pierce & Pierce Orthodontics, Mt Pleasant, SC
Going to the dentist is an enjoyable experience. If you don’t believe that, perhaps you are not going to the right dental practice. The best advertising tends to be word of mouth – no pun intended...
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