Mount Pleasant, SC Periodontics

Mount Pleasant Periodontists specialize in the dentistry field that is capable in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease and oral inflammation. A Periodontist is also capable in the placement or repair of implants. Periodontal cases such as severe gum disease or a patient with a complex medical history can all be treated by a Periodontist that has three additional years of study beyond dental school.

Peridontal Associates
“Periodontics deals with the health and support of the surrounding structures of the teeth,” explained Dr. Edward T. Murphy. “It is a common disease that is often asymptomatic. Early detection and prevention is key in predictability. In working with the patient’s...”
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Periodontics and Implantology - Dr. Jennifer E. Lohse
When asked about the best part of her work, Dr. Jennifer Lohse immediately responded, “Definitely the patients. I have the greatest patients...”
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Periodontal Associates, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina
Many people think that brushing and flossing is all they need to do to keep a picture perfect smile. That’s a good start, of course, but most of us are not as thorough as we think we are...
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Periodontics and Implantology, Mt Pleasant, SC
At the dental offices of Dr. Jennifer Lohse, the difference starts at the door. We have candy on our front desk! If you are coming to us, we think you need something sweet. Dr. Lohse and her employees...
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